We Manufacture Timber Packing Cases AND pallets to suit your bespoke requirements for worldwide export suitable for transporting via air freight or shipping via sea freight.

All our Timber Cases are available Heat Treated ISPM15 Compliant – a legal requirement for export cases entering many Countries outside Europe.

Bespoke Timber Pallets.

Wooden Pallets are a cost effective and efficient solution for material handling, storage, transportation and export.

Timberline DIY produce a wide range of timber pallets, We specialise in the manufacture of Bespoke Pallets tailored to your specific requirements

Heat Treated ISPM-15 Pallets All our Pallets are available as Heat Treated ISPM-15 Compliant – a legal requirement for exports entering many Countries outside Europe.

Standard Pallet Sizes

Across industry there are several types and sizes of ‘Standard’ Pallets. The Most Common are the UK and Euro Pallets

Standard UK Size Pallets are 1200 x 1000 mm

Standard Euro Pallets are 1200 x 800 mm

We pride ourselves on working with customers to design new pallets tailored to your needs, including:

4 Way entry Pallets

2 Way entry Pallets

Full Perimeter Base Pallets

Rigid – Plywood Timber Framed Packing Cases

There are many advantages to Plywood Cases:   Plywood Cases are strong to protect your goods when in transit.

Plywood Packing Cases are lighter than Timber Cases which can reduce your transport costs, particularly when exporting your goods via air freight.

We manufacture Export Heat Treated Timber Framed Plywood Packing Cases bespoke to your requirements.

We will work with you to design your bespoke plywood case.  We can supply plywood cases with hinges, handles or captive fittings.

Please contact us for product and price details.


If the packaging budget is minimal, we can supply SKELATON Timber Crates as an alternative to full timber packing cases

SKELATON Crates are lighter, meaning you can save money on your transportation costs whilst ensuring your goods are protected in transit.

All our Timber SKELATON Crates are available Heat Treated ISPM-15 Compliant – a legal requirement for imports entering many Countries outside Europe.